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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Swaging Rod

Views: 5     Author: Tungsten China     Publish Time: 2015-07-20      Origin: Tungsten China

Tungsten heavy alloy can be made into a variety of shapes, but the most common shape is a rod made, it can be subject to a series of thermo-mechanical treatment to improve their mechanical properties. For example, high-density tungsten alloy rod can get improved affordability by forging.
Tungsten heavy alloy swaging rod is tungsten heavy alloy rod manufactured by forging, thereby greatly improving its tensile strength which is at least 1050 MPa to 1200 MPa.
Tungsten heavy alloy swaging rod is produced from sintered WHA rods by forging to different sizes with diameter no less than 3.0mm. And if it is processed by drawing the finished rods will be smaller than 3.0mm.
Why we use tungsten heavy alloy rods?
High melting point, high hardness, high tensile strength, high temperature and low vapor pressure and other properties make high density tungsten alloy rods very important in modern industry.  More importantly, the high density tungsten alloy with abrasion resistance, which can extend tungsten heavy alloy swaging rod of life.

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