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The Absolute Advantage of Tungsten Resources Promotes the Rapid Development of Tungsten Carbide Industry.

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Tungsten is very valuable as a rare metal resources. Tungsten industry is significant to be one of the important material industries in modern time.
Tungsten has high hardness, high melting point, high strength, and it’s widely used in machinery, special steel, defense industry and other fields. Its main application is the carbide industry, which is often said as tungsten steel. Carbide is called the teeth of modern industry. As an important strategic resource, tungsten resource is emphasis protected by world powers. Our country has also set up Tungsten Industry Association since 1990s, introduced a number of laws and regulations, and keeps strict supervision on tungsten resources.
Global reserves of tungsten resources are scarce and centralized distributed. 65.5% of the world’s reserves are in China, which has obvious advantages. Since 2001, China began to imply tungsten resource extraction quotas and export quotas, effectively inhibited the global tungsten supply. Coupled with decreasing amount of foreign supply and limited availability of recycling waste tungsten, tungsten supply growth was slow.
Tungsten is mainly used in carbide,  steel and alloys, chemical industry etc. About 50% of tungsten materials are used for carbide industry. In China production of carbide cutting tools only accounts about 25% of total production, while 65% of consumption in developed countries accounts for carbide cutting tool consumption. China hass broad space for development of carbide in the future. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly encourages new materials containing tungsten may become a new impetus to the demand of tungsten.
Tungsten resources are rare metal which has absolute advantage in China. As the country gradually strengthen the industry consolidation, supply growth will gradually slow down, while demand in areas such as carbide rapid growth in the long term, the future supply of tungsten would be probably in the tight state. Our carbide industry will get more rapid developement relied to the absolute advantage of tungsten resouces. 

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