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Rolling Method of High Precision Tungsten Foil

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Compared with the coating deposition method, the rolling method is more suitable for the production of tungsten foil, mainly because the products it produces have the advantages of higher hardness, surface finish and mechanical strength, especially the density can reach 19.3g/cm3 , which is close to the theoretical density of tungsten. However, the working efficiency of the four-high rolling mill commonly used in the industry is extremely low at present, and the production equipment is easily damaged due to the large rolling tonnage for a long time. In order to solve the above technical problems, the researcher with the patent document serial number 17017104 proposed a rolling method of high-precision tungsten foil. The specific steps are as follows:

1) Cut the tungsten plate (thickness is 0.09mm~0.11mm) into the same size tungsten plate. 2) Place a nickel sheet as a welding sheet between the adjacent tungsten sheets obtained in step 1), and perform spot welding with a spot welding machine to obtain a welded tungsten sheet; the number of tungsten sheets is 2 to 4, and the nickel sheet It is placed at one end of the tungsten sheet along the length direction, and the width direction of the nickel sheet is consistent with the length direction of the tungsten sheet. 3) Multi-pass rolling is performed on the welded tungsten sheet obtained in step 2) to obtain rolled foil; the tonnage of the rolling equipment used in the multi-pass rolling is 60t-120t, and the roll crown is 0.04mm-0.06 mm; when the total processing rate of multi-pass rolling exceeds 40%, anneal the welded tungsten sheet after rolling; the thickness of the rolled foil is 0.04mm to 0.08mm. 4) Cut off the welded end of the rolled foil obtained in step 3), and then separate the layers in the rolled foil to obtain a tungsten foil; the thickness of the tungsten foil is 0.018mm to 0.023mm, with a thickness tolerance of 0.018mm to 0.023mm It is ±0.0015mm, and the width is 175mm to 180mm.

The advantage of this rolling technology is that: spot welding tungsten sheets of the same size with nickel sheets as welding sheets not only ensures the welding of the tungsten sheets by the melting of the nickel sheets, but also avoids the brittleness of the tungsten sheets, which is beneficial to the later multi-pass The smooth progress of the secondary rolling, and the production of 2 to 4 pieces of tungsten foil with uniform size at one time, solved the problem of low efficiency of single-piece rolling, and greatly improved the production efficiency of tungsten foil; at the same time, small-tonnage rolling equipment was used for Multi-pass rolling makes the thickness of the rolled tungsten foil uniform and the surface bright, which effectively improves the accuracy of the tungsten foil.

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