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Recrystallization TZM Alloy Thermal Deformation Characteristics Research

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Because recrystallization TZM alloy at room temperature is fragile and it is hard to deform. So before cool and warm rolling should avoid annealing at perfect recrystallization. However, during high-temperature process, the materials is soft because of recrystallization and the strength also decrease which is good for processing and deformation. TZM alloy during process usually use recrystallization to fine the grain and to improve the density. So analysis recrystallization TZM alloy thermal deformation has great significant for improve alloy’s properties.

Using Gleeb-3500 thermal simulated test machine do some research on TZM alloy thermal deformation characteristics. The sample of TZM alloy was produced by powder metallurgy after  70% deformation at high temperature and then annealing at 1100,1200,1300,1400,1500 and 1600℃ to observe the recrystallization processes.

The hardness of TZM alloy decrease significant with annealing temperature increase and the rate of decrease is 0.13(HV/℃). Annealing at 1600℃ TZM alloy is obviously soft, besides, the grain finish the recrystallization and fully grow up.

Perfect recrystallization TZM alloy thermal deformation at 1200℃, when the dependent variable is small than 5%, the stress mushroomed with strain increase and there are obviously work hardening phenomenon. When the dependent variable is high than 5%, the stress increase slowly with strain increase and work hardening rate decrease as well.

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