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Molybdenum Wire Standard and Molybdenum Wire Grade

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Molybdenum wire has high melting point, high strength and high modulus of elasticity, low expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in lighting appliances, vacuum devices, machining and spraying. The molybdenum wire standard has made reasonable regulations on the product quality, specifications, production and application of molybdenum wire, and represents the technical level of molybdenum wire production. China's molybdenum wire standard began in 1972, SJ316-72 "molybdenum wire". After the improvement of the molybdenum wire production process, GB4182-84 "Molybdenum Wire" was released 12 years later, and T4182-1997 "Molybdenum Wire" was released 15 years later. The commonly used standard now is GB/T4182-1997 "Molybdenum Wire".

The standard for molybdenum wire in the United States is divided into thick wire and filament, ASTM F 289 and ASTM B 289. ASTM F 289 was developed in 1954 and was first published as ASTM B289 – 54 T. After another revision, the ASTM F 289 – 56 was re-released two years later. Revised 25 years later, ASTM F 289 – 81 was released. After 15 years, it was revised and released ASTM F 289-96. The common standard is ASTM F 289-96. ASTM B 387 was first released in 1962, and the earliest release was ASTM B687 – 62 T. After 23 years, it was revised and released ASTM B 387 – 85. After 5 years, it was revised and released ASTM B 387 – 90. The current standard is ASTM B 387 – 90 (2001).

In the GB/T4182-1997 "Molybdenum Wire" standard, the grades of pure molybdenum wire are specified as Mo1 and Mo2. Mo2 molybdenum wire produces finer raw materials, while Mo1 produces coarser raw materials. The thickness of the molybdenum wire raw material is not a criterion for determining the quality of the molybdenum wire, and the quality thereof depends mainly on the preparation method and process. Mo3 and Mo3G are alloy molybdenum wires. The name and specific content of the added elements are not specified in the standard, and the corresponding tensile strength and elongation indexes are not given in the performance requirements.

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