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MoCu Copper Molybdenum Alloy

Copper Molybdenum MoCu Alloy is an alloy of molybdenum and copper. It is a composite of molybdenum and copper, a good alternative to copper, tungsten copper application of the material. Molybdenum copper also has low gas content and good vacuum performance and good machinability.
  • MoCu10, MoCu15, MoCu20, MoCu25, MoCu40


  • Material Grade: MoCu10, MoCu15, MoCu20, MoCu25, MoCu40
  • Shape: in rod, plate, sheet, customized parts
  • Surface: Machined or Ground
  • Origin: P.R.China
Product Brief Introduction
MoCu alloy is similar with Tungsten copper alloy,its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be adjusted to match many different materials,it has lower density,but its CTE is higher than WCu

MoCu alloy products are widely used in applications,such as, electronics packages, Microwave packages,C Packages,laser Sub-mounts,etc.

Properties or MoCu Copper Molybdenum Alloys

Grade Cu (%) Mo (%) Other Elements (%)
MoCu10 10+/-2 Balance ≤0.1
MoCu15 15+/-3 Balance ≤0.1
MoCu20 20+/-3 Balance ≤0.1
MoCu25 25+/-3 Balance ≤0.1
MoCu40 40+/-5 Balance ≤0.1
Grade MoCu10 MoCu15 MoCu20 MoCu25 MoCu40
Thermal Conductivity ≥150 ≥160 ≥170 ≥180
Thermal Expansion 5.6+/-1.5 6.7+/-1.5 7.4+/-1.5 7.9+/-2 8.0+/-3
Density ≥9.91 ≥9.83 ≥9.75 ≥9.70 ≥9.3

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