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Installation of Heating Element for Electronics

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1) Vertically hanging
Under normal temperature, MoSi2 element is very brittleness, while under high temperature, it is plasticity, so the better way to install U Shape element is to hang it vertically from the furnace top through the support clamping chuck. The aim of such way is to avoid putting the mechanical stress directly to the element heat-generating end; otherwise the element will easily be broken.
2) Support clamp
Support clamp are applied to 9/18 and 6/12 two kinds of elements respectively. The support clamp supports the whole weight of the element and the position of the element is also determined by it, therefore, it must be installed carefully to assure the element vertically hung. In order to prevent the element from being over heated locally, the taper part of the element lower end must put into the furnace chamber. 

Item name distinction criterion specification Using range
Heating elements 1700  type Element operating temperature 1700ºC is acceptable Le Φ
6-12W type/U type/L type/all kinds of hetero type / stripe shape
high temperature electric resistance furnace
1800  type Element operating temperature 1800ºC is acceptable
1800J type Element operating temperature≥1800ºC Le Φ
3-12W type
Special,high temperature and high-power electric resistance furnace
1800T type Element operating  temperature≤1800ºC Le Φ
3-12W type U type
Not oxidized special air high temperature electric resistance furnace
Product use and maintenance
1. MoSi2 heating elements belong to Metal ceramic material. They are hard, crisp and low impact strength at room temperature .Therefore to be careful to avoid damage during transport and installation.
2. When MoSi2 elements continuously operate in an oxidation atmosphere, the surface temperature of 1700 type should not exceed 1700 ° C,1800-type should not over 1800 ºC and for intermittent use,1700 type-element should not over 1650 ° C,1800type-element cannot exceed 1750 ºC. 
Furnace dryness
New or old furnace not used for a long time needs to be dried before using. Generally, the drying temperature is 100-200ºC.
However, if the element is used for a long time under the low temperature, it will cause the low-temperature oxidation.
For little furnace, the drying time is short, the influence of several drying hours is little, but for large furnace, which need to be dried for a long time, you had better open the furnace door to ventilate()well. you can open the furnace door ajar() with the temperature increment and completely close until the temperature reach 1000ºC above.
Furnace start
If the furnace dry out has been completed or does not need drying, it has to rise its temperature. In order to avoid the over sized electric current impact and cause the electrical equipment overload; 
Please go up the furnace temperature according to the following table.
Small furnace (power100KW) Large furnace(Power 100-500KW)
Furnace temperature Voltage furnace temperatureºC Voltage
20-150 1/3Operating Voltage 200-300 1/3Operating Voltage
150-500 2/3Operating Voltage 300-700 2/3Operating Voltage
500-operating temperature The Whole-Operating Voltage 700-Operating temperature The whole-Operating Voltage
It should not take a long time when shifting gears. Otherwise it easily causes the electric current shocking to break the electrical equipment.
Element Replacement
If there is a damaged part found in the process of operation, the first thing you should do is determine its location and get all the combination elements ready. After that, you should separate the wire the damaged element clipped to from the screw ()which is connected to the generatrix(). Then remove the remained refractory wool and pull out the refractory stoppers. Insert the new combination elements into the furnace from its roof. Connect all the wires and get the refractory wool filled, and finally raise the temperature.

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