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High Specific Gravity Tungsten Alloy

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High specific gravity tungsten alloy is an alloy material based on tungsten (tungsten content is generally 80%~98%), and a small amount of Ni, Fe, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements are added. The density of high specific gravity tungsten alloy is as high as 15.20~18.70g/cm3, also known as high specific gravity alloy or high density alloy material. High specific gravity tungsten alloys are mainly divided into two series: W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu and even W-Ni-Fe-Cu. In comparison, W-Ni-Fe alloys have better mechanical properties and The national defense industry and various fields of the national economy play a huge role, and it is a very important new material for military industry in the national defense industry, and has been gradually extended to various civilian industries.

High specific gravity tungsten alloy has high density, high strength, high hardness (affectionately called 3H alloy) and good ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity and other comprehensive excellent properties and plays an important role in weapon manufacturing, and then in national defense. It has been widely used in industry, aerospace and civil industries (such as electrical industry, drilling industry, etc.), and high specific gravity alloy materials have become a kind of dual-use alloy materials that have attracted much attention.

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