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Application of Molybdenum on Heating Elements

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Molybdenum is widely used in heating elements due to its high melting point, high boiling point, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Mainly include molybdenum conductive rod, molybdenum heating element, molybdenum heating belt and so on.

1. Molybdenum conductive rod

The molybdenum conductive rod is used to connect the lead wire of the transformer coil to the external wire, and is installed on the top of the transformer.

2. Molybdenum heating element

The common models of molybdenum heating element are molybdenum wire heating element and molybdenum rod heating element.

1) Molybdenum wire heating element

The molybdenum wire heating element is made of multiple strands of molybdenum alloy wire, and there are two specifications of one-stage and two-stage heating elements.

2) Molybdenum rod heating element

The molybdenum rod heating element is a pure molybdenum rod made of high temperature molybdenum with a diameter of 5-16mm and a content of 99.95%. It is processed by a hot bending process. It consists of multiple U-shaped heating parts, and the U-shaped heat can not exceed 50 at most. Pcs.

3. Molybdenum heating belt

The molybdenum heating belt is made of high-temperature molybdenum TZM material, generally according to the required power, the thickness of the molybdenum belt is 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and the width of the molybdenum belt is 50-75mm, which is made by the whole or multiple riveting. The body is smooth and clean, and the connection is tight. The molybdenum heating belt compensator is used at the opening to protect and extend the service life.

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