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Advantages of Carbide Indexable CNC Insert Tool

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Carbide indexable CNC tools are tools used in machining for machining, also called cutting tools. The generalized cutting tools include both tools and grinding tools. At the same time, "hard alloy CNC tools" include accessories such as shanks and shanks in addition to cutting blades.

Want to apply on high-performance, high-precision CNC machine tools, while achieving stable and better processing efficiency, generally for the hard alloy CNC tools from design to manufacture and use, have put forward higher requirements than ordinary tools, hard The advantages of the alloy indexable CNC tool are as follows:

High-precision manufacturing: In order to stably process high-precision parts surfaces, the manufacturing of tools (including tool parts) is more stringent than ordinary tools in terms of precision, surface roughness, and shape tolerances, especially for turning. In order to ensure the repeatability of the size of the blade tip (cutting edge) after indexing, the size and precision of the key parts such as the cutter sipe and the positioning part must be strictly guaranteed, and at the same time, the tool is in the right direction. The tool setting and dimension measurement of the knife and the machining accuracy of the base surface should also be guaranteed.

Wide application of high-quality tools: In order to extend tool life and increase tool strength, many CNC tools use a variety of new grades of carbide (fine or ultra-fine particles) and super-hard tool materials.

Selection of chipbreaker: The tool applied on the CNC machine has strict requirements on the chipbreaker. During machining, the machine does not work properly due to continuous chipping (some CNC machine tools, cutting is performed in a closed state), so regardless of the CNC car, milling, drilling or boring machine, the blade is optimized for different processing materials and processes. The chip groove type enables stable chip breaking during cutting.

Surface coating treatment: The emergence and development of surface coating technology is mainly due to the emergence and development of CNC tools. Because coatings can significantly improve tool hardness, reduce friction, improve cutting efficiency and service life, coating technology is used in more than 80% of all types of carbide indexable CNC tools.

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