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Advantages and Uses of Boron Nitride Ceramics

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Boron nitride ceramic is a product made of high-quality boron nitride as a raw material. It inherits the characteristics of this special material and exhibits the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-bonding, corrosion resistance, and good heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. Since it has so many advantages, there are naturally many uses for boron nitride ceramics.

Since boron nitride ceramics are not wettable with aluminum water, it can provide comprehensive protection to the surface of materials that are in direct contact with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys and their molten slag, so it can be used to make high-speed cutting tools, geological prospecting, and petroleum Drill bit for drilling.

In addition, the shape of boron nitride ceramics can be different, so it can also be made into high temperature, high pressure, insulation, and heat dissipation components; or packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation; and can be used for special electrolysis, Resistive material.

It is important to emphasize that high-temperature insulating materials must meet the basic requirements of high melting point, appropriate high collapse resistance, and chemical compatibility at high temperatures. Boron nitride ceramics are exactly the same. It not only has a high melting point, but also has a considerable resistivity at high temperatures. Especially the boron nitride ceramic with hexagonal sheet structure has the advantages of low friction coefficient at high temperature, thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of tungsten, and hot briquette can be turned, so it will become an ideal high temperature insulating material.

This is the actual use of boron nitride ceramics at present, and this diversified use mainly depends on the material with a series of excellent characteristics that can meet the application requirements. With the further improvement of the quality of boron nitride ceramics, the application range of boron nitride will be broader.

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